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Photos, stories and thoughts from a life’s vagabond.

I’m a photographer who likes to take photos around my cabin at Little Pike Lake in northern Dalecarlia’s Wilderness in Sweden – summer, autumn, winter and spring. Sometimes I take a trip to a place somewhere for both nature and culture photography.

A little bit better than yesterday and my next photo is always my dream picture. Progress is the goal.

My sources of inspiration in general is of course all my friends in photography and all known culture and nature photographers, no one mentioned no one forgotten.

I almost always crop my photos to what I need for the composition, but never to less than 6 MP in 3/2 format. When I develop a raw file I often work with layers and lights, darken or lighten and healing certain areas of the image in an artistic way and the only imaging I do I always  make in my raw program Capture One Pro and I usually edit my photos more subjectively than objectively


If you want to use some photos please contact me first for terms. Read more under Services.


My e-mail: leif-bength@telia.com

My equipment in short

  • Canon cameras, APS-C and FF.
  • Canon EF lenses from 15 to 400 mm.
  • Calibrated screens and printers/photopaper.
  • Inkjet printers from A6 up to A1-roll.
  • Capture One.